Granola Babies - Santa Ana/Costa Mesa

Boot Camp for New Dads is a men-only workshop for guys expecting their first baby. During the 3-hour workshop, "Rookie" dads-to-be talk to "Veteran" new dads (with their babies) about what the first months of fatherhood are really like. The Vets answer questions, address concerns, and share how they and their families are tackling common issues faced by new parents.

Guys talk about how to:

  • Support new mom and understand what she's going through
  • Form a parenting team with your partner
  • Handle gatekeeping and make sure you're hands-on from day one
  • Troubleshoot crying babies
  • Become the dad you want to be and bond with baby
  • Build your relationship before baby arrives

Refunds not given for no shows.
FHA/HSA cards are not accepted by the system.

Granola Babies Birth & Parenting Classes
3730 S Susan St
Suite 170
Santa Ana, CA 92704

Phone: (949) 754-9067 x126

Starting in 2018: Sundays, 9am - Noon