New Dads Information

The reason we are so successful is our respect and support for new fathers, and the fact that everything we know comes from other men much like you. So join us and take advantage of our collective wisdom, and then add to it based upon your own experience.

Boot Camp for New Dads workshops

Our concept is simple: dads-to-be learning the ropes from men who have successfully made the transition to fatherhood, who also bring their babies to make the experience hands-on and real.

Boot Camp workshops begin with a discussion centered on topics such as "Becoming a Dad", "Forming a New Family", and "Caring for New Moms". Following the discussion is a hands-on opportunity for prospective dads to become comfortable in caring for babies under the guidance of veteran dads who demonstrate burping, changing, swaddling, the "trouble shooter’s guide" to crying babies and more.

The final hour is an interactive session featuring the best advice on issues including bonding, work hours, safety, dealing with relatives veteran dads can offer the rookies.

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Crash Course for Dads-To-Be

Crash Course for Dads-To-Be is an orientation to fatherhood, in the form of easy to grasp lists, charts and tear-out tools, that contains tips from the more than 325,000 Boot Camp for New Dads participants - the real experts on new fathers.  Also featured is the unique Childbirth Coaching Guide to help dads through the birth and delivery.

Sales of Crash Course for Dads-To-Be helps support the non-profit Boot Camp for New Dads. Click here to buy the book. (Programs please contact us to get special pricing.)

Dads Adventure magazine

Recently updated and highly popular, Dads Adventure magazine is the only publication you will see at the hospital or your doctor’s office directed at dads.

Guys learn about new moms, what to bring to the hospital, unique tips that come from other guys, the Troubleshooter’s Guide to Crying Babies, and our “research” on why babies like to watch football with dad, why a big screen TV is important to baby development, and how to keep a straight face when explaining this mom. Click here to download Dads Adventure magazine. complements Crash Course for Dads-To-Be and Dads Adventure magazine with a comprehensive, web-based resource directory where new fathers can find organizations and publications that apply to virtually any unique situation. Use the Ask a Dad feature to get answers to tough questions from a Boot Camp Coach. And we are adding more all the time.