English Boot Camp

You receive a lifetime license to operate Boot Camp for New Dads as well as:

Program Development

  • Complete step-by-step instructions for program implementation:

    • First time workshop recruitment (Rookies and Veterans)
    • Workshop marketing (flyers, postcards, phone calls, etc.)
    • Workshop Preparation and set-up
  • Resource Manual for Coach, which includes:

    • Coaching Tools
    • Boot Camp curriculum
    • Resources
  • Resource manual for Coordinator, which includes:

    • Boot Camp preparation and set-up
    • Necessary order forms
    • Marketing disk with samples and templates
  • Complimentary copies of our companion manuals: Crash Course for Dads-To-Be

Marketing Materials

  • Press Kit
    • Sample press releases and speaking points
    • Certificates, flyers and handouts
    •  Boot Camp logo for material implementation
    • Photos 

Ongoing Technical Support

Cost: $1000 (license fee - one time)
For more information, call us at 949-754-9067

Materials Fee

In addition to the workshop, your dads-to-be will take home the companion manual to Boot Camp, Crash Course for New Dads, which will be helpful for them to reference before and after the baby arrives. This dad-friendly manual has proven to be a powerful resource that reinforces learning from the workshop.

Crash Course for Dads-To-Be is an orientation to fatherhood, in the form of easy to grasp lists, charts & tear-out tools, which contains tips from the more than 350,000 participants in the Boot Camp workshops - the real experts on new fathers. Also featured is the unique Childbirth Coaching Guide to help dads through the birth and delivery.

Cost: $8 per participant
For more information, call us at 949-754-9067

Master Coach Certification Training

New or existing programs can send one man (more are welcome) to be trained in becoming a Master Coach. Training consists of a 2-Day Boot Camp for New Dads emersion at the National Boot Camp Training Center in Denver, Colorado. The training is led by three National Boot Camp Trainers and includes observation of a live workshop. Once certified, your Master Coach is prepared to train other facilitators in your program.

Cost: $450 plus your travel expenses
For more information, call us at 949-754-9067 or click here

Onsite Training Certification

Boot Camp National Training Instructor will conduct a 2-day training workshop at your facility.

  • Trainer will make a Boot Camp presentation to all personnel involved in implementation and discuss each department’s role (i.e., CEO, marketing, education, etc.).
  • Training will be provided for the men you recruit as Boot Camp coaches
  • Trainer will assist your coaches in leading their first Boot Camp workshop during certification workshop. 
  • Additional presentations to media and community groups are welcome and encouraged.

Cost: $800 plus travel expenses
For more information, call us at 949-754-9067

Get Help with Obtaining Funding

Sample grant applications are easily modifiable to your circumstances and can be downloaded below:


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