The Boot Camp Experience

A perfect world would be one where a rookie dad comes home from Boot Camp for New Dads® in Florida and calls his brother in Arizona telling him to go to his local workshop. 

When the two compare notes a few weeks later they will be talking about similar topics, have heard similar strategies, learned about the same concepts, gotten to interact with several new dads and their babies, and have the same book to reference. 

More than 20 years of Boot Camp for New Dads has shown us that high functioning programs have plenty of veteran dads (with their babies), facilitators with up-to-date training who guide the process, adherence to the program curriculum, and continued impact through use of the workshop book.  

All Boot Camp for New Dads® workshops:

Have veteran fathers and their babies at every workshop. We’ve learned from the successful programs that a session without veterans severely misses the mark and even the most skilled coach can’t compensate for this short coming. When a dad-to-be sees a new dad caring for, playing with, and enjoying his baby it has a huge impact on how he sees his own impending fatherhood and there's just no replacing the confidence it this instills.

Provide the companion book Crash Course for Dads-To-Be. This companion manual has offered the only way for guys to continue learning in more depth about the topics covered in the workshop.  Yes, the guys actually read it, and refer to it once home, much to the joy of new mothers. 

Have trained facilitators. After the veteran dads, the coach is the most important guy in the room when it comes to delivering an impactful workshop.  He deserves to be equipped with the latest skills and methods for making this experience all that it can be for the rookie dads. Go to for information about Master Coach Training in Denver, Colorado. 

Follow the workshop curriculum. New programs receive this curriculum after they've become licensed.

Provide the workshop as a three-hour session. This includes the first hour of facilitated discussion, second hour of small groups, and third hour of more facilitated discussion.


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