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Media coverage has helped transform the role of fathers along with the growth of Boot Camp for New Dads. As we have witnessed first hand and contributed to this transformation over the past decades, there is a growing recognition that we have something to say.

Boot Camp Is Mediagenic

With all the problems in the world, it is refreshing to read about men helping other men do their best for their new babies and families. And it has happened regularly over the years.
Here are some samples:

Report on the Boot Camp Workshop Serving Your Community

You may have a great story in your own backyard. The Coach of your local Boot Camp is filling a unique role as a mentor to new fathers in your community, along with the veterans who help him.

We Have Something to Say

Boot Camp has witnessed the response of new dads to the transformation of fatherhood for almost two decades. While many experts and pundits have commented, we offer the unique perspective of an organization of fathers on issues we find important. They include:

  • Many fathers-to-be connect with their baby by imagining the adventures they will share as their child grows. Once their child is born, fathers-to-be find the best way to bond is to get out with them on their own.
  • While becoming a father is perhaps the ultimate rite of manhood, it is generally treated as a hazing opportunity without the respect it deserves. Treating new fathers as clumsy and ignorant may be fun, but it is counterproductive, especially in light of today’s expectations.
  • A father has a major impact on his children, whether good or bad. We spend enormous amounts due to their failures, but instead of helping fathers do their job, our nation simply waits for many to fail. We can do better.
  • New moms are the #1 factor in how involved a new dad becomes in caring for his baby. If they knew that, they would help him get prepared for fatherhood. The results are happier babies, involved and fulfilled dads and a better balance in the lives of new moms.

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Media Resources

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Crash Course for Dads-To-Be

What dads-to-be really need to know, from guys who tell it straight, in an easy to use format. Contains tips from more than 325,000 participants in the internationally acclaimed Boot Camp for New Dads workshops.  The fatherhood basics have never been so guy friendly.

We have had tons of media coverage, with some reporters returning two to three times for one more Boot Camp story
— Laura Dennison, Media Relations Coordinator Chandler Regional Hospital, Chandler, Arizona

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