Our Supporters

In addition to our partners Boot Camp for New Dads is fortunate to have a strong network of local supporters who share our mission and goals. They include:

  • Boot Camp Coaches who month after month lead our workshops and prepare men to be fathers.
  • Program Coordinators who champion Boot Camp within their sponsoring organizations and work to obtain the resources each program needs.
  • Veterans dads who return to Boot Camp with their baby to pass on what they have learned to the next group of rookie fathers.
  • New moms who encourage their spouses to participate in Boot Camp and appreciate the critical role they have in raising their child together.

Funding Support

Funding for the expansion of Boot Camp for New Dads has been generously supplied by the following organizations

  • Annie E. Casey Foundation
  • Irvine Health Foundation
  • Johnson & Johnson Foundation
  • Orange County Commission on Families and Children
  • Pacific Life Foundation
  • Windgate Charitable Foundation

In addition, Revolution Studios has supplied substantial funding to BCND for movie rights to Greg Bishop’s life and Boot Camp for New Dads.

Dads Adventure, Inc. Provides Major Funding & Outreach

Formed to reach more new fathers and help fund Boot Camp for New Dads, Dads Adventure, Inc. published Hit the Ground Crawling and publishes Crash Course for Dads-To-Be, Crash Course for New Dads DVD and Dads Adventure magazine, and operates DadsAdventure.com. Together, they take full advantage of emerging media technologies to meet the various learning styles of the younger generation of men. Dads Adventure, Inc. also financed the development of Boot Camp for New Dads, and provides major funding for ongoing operations through sponsorship fees and royalties.