See and Hear, First-Hand,
What It's Really Like to Be a New Dad 

Boot Camp for New Dads is a men-only workshop for guys expecting their first baby. During the 3-hour workshop, "Rookie" dads-to-be talk to "Veteran" new dads (with their babies) about what the first months of fatherhood are really like. The Vets answer questions, address concerns, and share how they and their families are tackling common issues faced by new parents.

Guys talk about how to:

  • Support new mom and understand what she's going through
  • Form a parenting team with your partner
  • Handle gatekeeping and make sure you're hands-on from day one
  • Troubleshoot crying babies
  • Become the dad you want to be and bond with baby
  • Build your relationship before baby arrives

Register Dad-To-Be

The workshop is $35 for each dad-to-be, which includes the book Crash Course for Dads-To-Be, and gifts for dad and baby when they return as Veterans. 

Select the location and date convenient for dad-to-be, it's not tied to insurance or delivery location. No shows won't be refunded. Notice: FSA/HSA cards can't be processed.

I didn’t think I needed this class. I did.
Favorite class so far. Very informative and a lot of good ideas.


Real Life Insights into New Motherhood from Real Women, Just Like You

Your life is about to change in a big way, but you and your partner are in this together, and with a united front can make it through and even thrive in the first months of parenthood!

During Boot Camp, moms-to-be hear insight, advice, and experiences straight from new moms about all aspects of becoming a mom and parenting partner, helping them discover many solutions to the most common challenges new moms and families face.

Mamas talk about how to:

  • Understand what new dads are going through and how to support him
  • Become a parenting team with your partner
  • Get ahead of gatekeeping so dad isn't pushed away from you and baby
  • Reinforce your relationship so it survives the stress of a newborn
  • Get support and assistance with reaching your breastfeeding goals (It's not easy!)
  • Plan for going back to work or staying home, and real-world childcare solutions
  • Talk to your partner about common road blocks
  • Create game plans now (instead of at 2am when everyone is crying, stressed, and tired) 

Register Mom-To-Be

We recommend mom-to-be attend between 28-40 weeks, but any time is a good time! The workshop is $35 for each mom-to-be, which includes the book, Crash Course for Moms-To-Be. Refunds are not given for no-shows. 

Boot Camp for New Moms is offered in Anaheim, Irvine, and Laguna Hills. Chose whichever date and location works best for you, it isn't tied to insurance or where the baby is being delivered. Notice: FSA/HSA cards can't be processed.

I have taken all the classes and I loved this class!
It was uplifting to have support from other women and to offer ourselves and each other a judgment-free environment.
Loved one on one interactions with moms.