Boot Camp Coaching Crew


Boot Camp Coaches have a unique and powerful role in helping men prepare to be fathers and the Boot Camp Coaching Crew will leverage our strengths.

You are their leaders and mentors as new dads take on the biggest challenge of their lives If anyone is qualified to speak on behalf of new fathers and support their aspirations, it is you.

We are enlisting our Coaches into the Boot Camp Coaching Crew to consolidate our unique wisdom, and strengthen our support for new dads both in and outside of our workshops. Our Summer conference calls had many of you participating, and they informed this new course, in addition to the new mobile website we are building.

Check out our history; we could still be named Bootee Camp!

Register and join in below.

Strengthening SUPPORT
For New Dads

We need your best ideas for improving our workshops and a team of you to help assess and nurture online resources for new dads facing personnel challenges.

This is where we are starting, and we will expand to other issues facing fathers over time. Login and offer a tip to the other coaches on our workshops, and check out our initiative on newly emerging online resources for dads dealing with depression, anger, smoking, etc.


We are setting up a YouTube channel to spread what we have learned from our experience, and especially our veterans, to new dads. Log in below and see what we have to start, and how you can add your own insights.